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Full size (4/4) classical guitar pack, perfect for ages 11+ wanting to learn guitar
Includes a bag, spare strings, and a tuner
Fitted with nylon strings making it easier on the fingers for new players

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FRETNOTE Guitar Stickers for Classical/Spanish Guitar – Right-Hand Fretboard Notes (13 Labels)

Set of 13 labels to help you learn notes scales and chords on the classical guitar. The notes and fret numbers on the lower frets are angled towards you, making them easier to read from your playing position. A GUITAR IS NOT INCLUDED!
Printed full-colour instructions are included – you don’t need to download anything and you don’t need to know anything about music or guitars to get started. Email helpline available.
Fast to fit – thoroughly clean the guitar neck, then simply thread each label under the strings using the simple tool provided and press into place just behind the fret – no need to remove the strings.

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Navarra Classical Guitar

classical guitar with a spruce top, recommended age: from 7 years
size: 1/4 scale: 530mm, nut width 45mm
back, sides and neck are made of Gabon wood

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Quality 1/4 size guitar
Scale length: 18.7″
Total length of guitar: 31.5″

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