EART Beginner Hard Tail Electric Guitar 6 String Solid-Body Guitar, Right-Handed,Multi-color,Hard Maple Neck,Mahogany Panel

Adult beginners’ entry-level electric guitars are ergonomically designed and will not cause fatigue.
It adopts a mahogany piano body with carbonation treatment, a hard maple neck with carbonation treatment, and a rosewood fingerboard.
22- products, frets head polished smooth not to hurt the hand, special craft spray paint to show the effect.

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EEART EXPLORER-1 Electric Guitar 6 String Right Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Closed Pickup, Heavy Metal Music, Pop, Rock,Dendritic Veneer, Black, Natural, Blue, Purple

With poplar veneer veneer design.African safflower pear wood carbonized paired body, “C”Curved, polished and polished, feel comfortable Black butternut and maple neck of a carbonized.
Indian rosewood fingerboard, Special craftsmanship mixed arc (9.5-14), 24 grades of high-oxygen quality silk, crown polished round, not hurting hands.
Effective chord length 648mm, anti-drop three-ring snap output interface, Alpha 500K potentiometer.

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