Pick Geek Guitar Bundle Sets

✔ INCREDIBLE VARIETY… your Pick Geek bundle set includes 32 Pick Geek assorted picks + a + a Django classy quick-release capo + a Pick Geek ‘wedgie’ pick holder, steel pick, and enamel pin + FREE complete pro guitar course in stunning HD
✔ QUALITY FIRST… 32 premium quality Celluloid and Delrin’ (Tortex) guitar picks in 4 different thicknesses (thin, medium, heavy, x heavy) and 16 colours; for electric, acoustic and bass guitars; packed in a unique Pick Geek linen draw-string bag holder with leather tag
✔ QUICK RELEASE CAPO… using high quality aircraft-grade alloy, the silver Django classy capo clamp provides precision pressure across all strings; change fret positions during a gig with absolute confidence

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