KAISH Guitar Roller Saddle Bridge Tune-O-Matic Bridge For Gibson Les Paul,SG,ES Dot,Gretsch Bigsby Guitar with M4 Threaded Posts

This will fit some US Gibson Les Paul guitars when using the original bridge posts supplied with the guitar. The original bridge posts must have a 4mm diameter top section to fit this bridge. This bridge will not fit newer 2014- present models with the larger 5mm diameter top section. Please be sure to measure before ordering if you do not know what you have
Precision engineered, with high quality Plating. The roller saddles are perfect for using with a Bigsby, or just to reduce string breakages and add sustain on any LP style guitar. This model has 4.2mm post holes to drop over 4mm posts, typically found on USA Les Pauls, Gretsch guitars and other similar US spec guitar brands.
High stability saddle retention rings to eliminate saddle rattle; Metric M4 threaded bridge posts with separate thumbwheels

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Musiclily 4 Hole Guitar Neck Plate

Fits Fender Style guitar or bass
Made of metal alloy
Plate dimensions: 2″ x 2-9/16″ (51.4mm x 64.7mm);Mounting hole spacing: 1-9/16″ x 2-1/16″ (39mm x 52mm);Screws (4 included): 1-3/4″ (44mm) Phillips oval head

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Musiclily Metric Metal Guitar Dome Control Knobs

Fits Tele,LP,EPI,ST,SQ Style guitar
Made of metal alloy
6mm inner diameter,Fits for 6mm diameter shaft of domestic potentiometer and metric potentiometer

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Musiclily Rectangle Guitar Input Jack Socket

Fits electric guitar
Made of metal alloy
with 6.35mm input jack,with mounting screws

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Tiger Guitar Capo

A fantastic solution for guitarists who require a low-cost and effective way of playing in different keys
Ergonomically designed, this capo fits comfortably in your hand and it’s grip is easy to open
The inner surface is layered with rubber to protect both the neck and fretboard of your guitar

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