Adagio PRO DELUXE CAPO Suitable For Acoustic & Electric Guitars With Quick Release And Peg Puller In Silver RRP £10.99 – Retail Packed

[ADAGIO DELUXE SILVER CAPO RRP £10.99] – Quick Release for the instant and easy changing of your guitars key for songs and song writing. An essential gadget for any guitarists. clamps down across the guitar’s fingerboard at a particular fret. Capos shorten the length of all the strings at the same time. All the strings now play in higher pitches than they do without the capo. Ideal to add to your accessories kit and learning tools
[SOLID METAL TO LAST A LIFETIME] – Adagio Capo’s are Solid Metal Chrome Silver Colour and feel luxurious, metal hinge pin and reinforced springs attach directly to the metal of the capo rather than through plastic parts. Adagio Capo’s are made to last a lifetime weighing a solid 68g, compared the 30g of regular “zinc compound” capos
[2x STRENGTH] – Smooth, Rounded, High Polished Gloss Finish is twice as bright and high quality when compared next to regular Capo’s

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WINGO Quick-Change capo JX09

✔︎Perfect Performance: With spring tension clamps maintain intonation, when the capo is positioned at any fret, It put balanced uniform pressure for clear tone, and guarantee optimum performance on each string to remain in tune . Unlike other capos, the handle doesn’t stick up in the way of your playing, making sure you have an amazing experience.
✔︎Versatile: This is the best guitar companion, which can serve for different purposes/instruments including 6-String acoustic and electric guitar/bass/ukulele/banjo and mandolin.
✔︎One-Handed Use: Quickly and easily releases and repositions with one hand,makes it easy to press, move and position the capo without disturbing the tuning, meaning all you have to do is squeeze the trigger and slide it to your fret of choice.

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