Aneco Guitar Strap Soft Adjustable Guitar Shoulder Strap With Guitar Strap Lock Guitar Buttons and Colorful Guitar Picks, 12 Pieces

Comfy guitar strap: soft to touch and comfortable to use, simple and stylish design match well with your guitar, stay nicely on your shoulder, hold your guitar tightly, work well for most guitars, acoustic guitar, elastic guitar, brass guitar, ukulele etc.
Adjustable practical strap: The buckle design allows the easy length adjustment of strap to meet different demands, adjust the strap from minimum length approx. 9 5cm/37.4 inches to maximum length approx. 158 cm/59 inches, the width of strap is approx. 5 cm/1.97 inches
Soft material and ingenious designs: made up of sturdy cotton woven strap and high quality leather ends, the leather ends taper toward the strap buttons. Great guitar pick holder design, the picks will stay well in the pick pocket, do not worry about losing picks, and pull out easily during the performance

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Hal Leonard Electric Blues Cigar Box Slide Guitar Kit

Blues legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Lightning’ Hop kinds and Carl Perkins bean their music careers playing cigar box guitars!
Over the last decade, there has be a resurgence and renewed interest in all things homemade, and a groundswell in cigar box instruments is well underway.
CD contains over 20 tracks!

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