Winzz 40″ Acoustic Steel-String Guitar

I believe you are attracted to the picture and then you are here. The unique color design on top of Winzz acoustic guitar is inspired by lightning and the sea and made by a special craft, all hand-polished by our experienced craftsmen. Unique design, make guitars different.
Winzz 40 inches acoustic guitar kit, ideal for adults or the youth over 11 years old to start learning and practice, compared to the low-end beginner guitars on the market, this is a guitar can be for long term use, you will never worry about the action and the sound.
A medium-grade guitar that can be used not only for learning, but also for performing! Connected to amplifier, guitar pickup in the package then works when stage performance, outdoor show, mini-concert etc.

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Winzz Classical Guitar Full Size Nylon-String Beginner Pack (39 Inches) with Footstool, Wall Mount Hanger, Capo, E-tuner, Gig Bag, Polishing Cloth and Wrench – Black Glossy

39”beginner guitar set with 7 practical accessories brings you a complete all-in-one classical guitar set at an affordable price. The guitar comes with footstool, wall mount hanger, capo, E-tuner, gig bag, polishing cloth and wrench, everything you need to start playing!
Excellent for both beginners and children looking to start guitar playing. Perfect for use on lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances or when practicing at home.
Dual-action truss rod enables you to balance the tension on the neck and prevent deformation of fingerboard, help your guitar easier to keep tuning.

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Winzz Full Size Electro Classical Guitar Stings Nylon with Build-in 4 Band EQ (Equalizer), 39 Inches Cutaway Guitar Kit with Bag,Tuner, Cable, Wrench and Polishing Cloth

Winzz 4/4 Classical Guitar Featuring a build-in quality 4-band equalizer EQ,make the sound more delicate, more distinctive, fuller, more varied and volume louder.
Selected top quality sapele wood for handmade guitar top/side/back, more beautiful natrual wood grain brings a exquisite look. Much better tone and sound resonance than coarse spruce.
39 inches full size nylon string classical guitar ideal for adults beginners, students players or more experienced players.

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Winzz Kids Guitar Classical 3/4 Size Beginner Kit – Students Practice Guitar 36 Inches

Ideal Starter Kit – 3/4 size, suitable for children aged 10-12 years old, about 127-150cm in height.
Exquisite Look – Red-brown appearance, beautiful color – the classic and popular guitar color; the varnish enhances the texture and the body is lustrous and bright.
Truss Rod – Built-in truss rod to prevent fingerboard deformation and pursue higher quality.

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