Pick Geek Guitar Bundle Sets

✔ INCREDIBLE VARIETY… your Pick Geek bundle set includes 32 Pick Geek assorted picks + a + a Django classy quick-release capo + a Pick Geek ‘wedgie’ pick holder, steel pick, and enamel pin + FREE complete pro guitar course in stunning HD
✔ QUALITY FIRST… 32 premium quality Celluloid and Delrin’ (Tortex) guitar picks in 4 different thicknesses (thin, medium, heavy, x heavy) and 16 colours; for electric, acoustic and bass guitars; packed in a unique Pick Geek linen draw-string bag holder with leather tag
✔ QUICK RELEASE CAPO… using high quality aircraft-grade alloy, the silver Django classy capo clamp provides precision pressure across all strings; change fret positions during a gig with absolute confidence

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Pick Geek Guitar Picks Ð Cool Custom Guitar Picks for your Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitar Ð Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium, & Thin (Light) Ð Presented in a Luxury, Uniquely Designed Metal Pocket Box – for Girls & Guys Ð Perfect Gift – Guaranteed

♪🎵 QUALITY FIRST: Amongst the best quality guitar picks available, Pick Geek Jazz guitar picks have been designed by combining premium quality Celluloid and Delrin’ (Tortex) thermoplastics allowing for fast, articulate runs and effortless strumming for your electric, acoustic, or bass guitar
🎸 INCREDIBLE VARIETY: The Pick Geek Jazz guitar pick set includes 18 quality assorted guitar picks in 5 different shapes and thicknesses – Triangle, Shark-fin, Pentagon, Teardrop, & Steel, and in 8 beautiful colour designs
🎵♪ PRACTICAL & INNOVATIVE: Pick Geek combines unique design and practical needs with its luxury designed metal ‘Click-Clack’ box that fits easily into your pocket or into your guitar case, keeping your picks safely stored in one place

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